If you have been running a blog modestly on the internet for a while, then this short note is for you. If you are just about to start setting up your first blog, then, of course, this short note is for you as well. See it more as an encouragement that you will be gaining more followers and likes in the foreseeable future. Speaking objectively, you need not concern yourself about the peculiar aspect of keeping up with a popularity contest.

You need not be conscious of your perceived vanity. In the context of social media marketing attached to your blogs, business websites and YouTube presentations, the numbers game is actually quite important. The more followers and likes you have attached to your social media presentation or message, the more potential there is for you to be successful in the monetary sense. Now, if you have been enduring a rather modest following for a while now, and with nary a lucrative business contract in sight, here’s a chance for you to drop your guard in a surprisingly unconventional manner.

You will have all the marketing support you need. And yes, you will be paying for this service. You will be paying for others to follow your work online, and you will be paying others to like what you do or say. But the fee you put up will be extremely modest in comparison to what may have been spent on a marketing and advertising guru or an IT engineer with yards of SEO experience and knowledge.

The thing about these professional services worth bearing in mind is that no matter how good they are there is still absolutely no guarantee that you will experience a dramatic rise in your following, and financial success going forward. Nevertheless, being attached to the right partner, someone you can trust implicitly with part of the running of your business – in this case, marketing, advertising and promotional aspects – certainly does take time.

Like good food takes time to prepare, good work takes time to reap the fruits of the labours that went into preparing it. In the setting up of your business, your strategies and business communications mailshots and social media broadcasts, you are expected to be as patient as possible. While it has happened before, do not expect a dramatic response to your announcements or proposals by the time you switch on for business the next day.

Speaking of the drama, that reaction is still possible. Bought followers and bought likes for YouTube, Instagram and other platforms can certainly help as part of your strategy, but putting all of this together still takes time. Ask any entrepreneurial genius to talk about how they landed the big hits and they will respond dreamily that it was years in the making. Science experiments are not concluded successfully simply by snapping your fingers.

They take repeat exercises and there is some drudgery to expect along with the excitement of starting up your business, so be prepared for that.